Saturday, December 1, 2007

Signing off

December: A wonderful month for many reasons. Tomorrow our pastor will begin offering, every Sunday, the Extraordinary Mass. Our church is abuzz with happy anticipation--we are fortunate to have a number of parishioners who will attend on a regular basis, hopefully satisfying our Bishop's desire to see a stable number of faithful who will support the Latin Mass. Right now, the Bishop has asked the pastor to offer the Latin Mass downstairs in the chapel. If enough people support the Mass, it will be moved upstairs into the church. Pray for us that we will see this beautiful Mass offered not only weekly in the church but eventually daily. Our pastor already celebrates the Vatican II Mass in Latin with readings in the vernacular, as Vatican II intended.

December also brings Advent and Christmas, the beginning of the Liturgical year--once again, another cycle, another opportunity to become "new," another opportunity to aim for holiness. Again I will mention a small family-run press that is bringing traditional Catholic cards and stationery to us online,, their cards and spirit a welcome change from the Christmas cards I find in stores. No reindeer with stocking caps, thank you, I'd prefer a scene of the Holy family or the Christ child. As my husband said the other day, "I think Christians better start putting Christ back into Christmas"--this after we watched a particularly terrible commercial urging us to BUY, BUY, BUY for the holidays.

December also brings, for me, the end of my short-lived blog. I've learned, in the few weeks I've had this blog open, that I am simply not a blogger. I am a writer, but one who works slowly and privately, even if my writing does, in the end, reveal much about myself and my life. But I am not capable, as bloggers must be, of coming to these pages on a regular basis and forming, through the blog, a coherent thread, an interesting story, an intimate connection with readers unknown. Although I will leave the blog up for some weeks, I will no longer make entries. At least that is my plan after much contemplation. I hope to keep readers up to date via my website,, which is currently being updated.

And so good-bye to anyone who might stop by; I send all my wishes for a glorious Christmas season, a year filled with God's blessings, an end to abortion and euthanasia, and peace in our world, a world that seems to have forgotten God. May He guide us, and may we serve Him.


Jennifer F. said...

I'll miss reading your blog! Best of luck to you, and happy new year!

sharon graham said...

I'm glad you left your blog up.It blessed me today.